The Return of the Penny-Stock-Spam

We all hoped this is over: After email-spam advertising penny-stocks, improved spam-campaigns using images, then trials to beat OCR detection with noise in and angle changes of the images, and finally closing with PDF-based penny-stock-spam, the gready individuals found a new way to spread their dump. Now we’ve seen first penny-stock-messages spread via the MSN messenger service.

The messages look like this:

06.08.2008 12:14:45 Graciela: aipepwabemHot Stock Alert
Global Agri-Med Technologies Inc.
Symbol – GAGO
This New and Undervalued bio tech IPO has huge potential with their new product BreastAlert
Read their latest PR and get in on GAGO
It’s an easy doubler from this point

Needless to say – don’t fall for this scam. Penny-Stocks are falling too fast when you buy them, so only the criminals behind the campaign will earn money; you will always loose your investment.

Sorin Mustaca, Manager International Software Development at Avira Source: