Beyond the final frontier

Malware made its way into space! The International Space Station (ISS) has to fight against a trojan on some of the computers. Fortunately, no vital systems are affected; it remains yet unclear though how the malware made its way into space. Rumours have it that some astronauts may have had the virus on a USB-stick or some memory card. It is also unknown, from which nation the astronaut stems.

Even if there is no direct internet connection on the ISS, the trojan tries to steal gaming passwords. Its already nearly a year old. Avira detects it generic as a member of the Vundo-family of trojans, TR/Vundo.Gen. Even Avira AntiVir Personal would have kept the ISS clean of that malware! It’s time to think about further security mechanisms in space, it seems.

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor