Avira to the rescue!

Our developers just released version 3.5 of our free Avira Rescue-CD. If you think your computer might be infected, but the malware hides from the virus scanner – just download the most recent version from our Tools section, burn it on CD and boot your computer from it.

The new version comes with a simple graphical user interface. With a few mouse clicks everyone is able to analyse her/his computer for infections. The Avira Rescue-CD can work with FAT and NTFS file systems, so it can analyse computers with older Windows 98 as well as the newest Windows operating systems like Vista. It can rename detected malware, try to repair infected files or just protocol everything it detects.

The new graphical user interface of Avira's Rescue-CD guarantees simple usage.

The new graphical user interface of Avira´s Rescue-CD simplifies its usage.

The iso image for burning with existing CD burning software on your computer or the CD image as executable, which includes a burning program, are updated several times a day to include the most recent virus definitions. Just download the most recent image, burn and use it if you need it.

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor