Quiet holidays?

Remember our article at the end of November “Phishing on the rise“?

We were monitoring that the Chase phishing is becoming a serious part in our statistics for phishing and malware. Well, after almost three weeks, it seems that the phishers and malware authors are preparing for the holidays.

Fig. 1: Phishing in December

Fig. 1: Phishing in December

In comparison with the last month, until 16.12.2008, phishing went down by round about 66% percent (from 22031 to 7557 entries). Malware also went down by approximately 45% (from 5818 to 3213 entries). But, do not forget: we are just in the middle of the month. There is still a lot of time to catch up.

Overall, the situation in the last months is looking interesting:

Fig. 3: Middle December statistics

Fig. 2: Middle December statistics

We hope that the trend is going to remain like this, which means for all of us a quiet Christmas and New Year holidays.

Sorin Mustaca
Manager International Software Development