Spam abusing search engines again

Our spam traps picked up some interesting spam mails which advertise for fake watches. The links to the spammer’s website is hidden in a link to the Yahoo search engine. The potential customer gets instructed to click on the appearing link after the phrase “Go Directly To”.

Spam mails are abusing the Yahoo search engine.

Spam mails are abusing the Yahoo search engine.

Other than in earlier attempts to hide the link to the spammer’s site by a “Feel Lucky”-link to google with an automated redirection, more interaction is required by the receiver of the mail. It saves the spammer the search engine optimization (SEO) of his site though which is needed for the redirection to work as intended. Another benefit for the spammer is that spam filters may get fooled by “harmless” links to a search engine so the mail can bypass them.

Don’t follow those links. You can’t trust the people behind spam mailings, as they are advertising their (fake) products with criminal energy. Why should they deliver what you order there? Or just withdraw that much money from your account as agreed upon?

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor