AMTSO – Further documents developed

The latest AMTSO meeting took place last week in Cupertino, CA, USA. It was hosted by Symantec and therefore the members met in the buildings of Symantec headquarter.

Symantec Campus Symantec Headquarter

Again, many representatives from major security companies attended the meeting, as well as testing organisations like AV-Test, ICSA, NSS, AV-Comparatives and the PC Magazine.

Conference Room Conference Room 2

After successfully publishing important documents following the last meeting in Oxford, the group was now working on new documents, which include among others

  • AMTSO Whole Product Testing
  • AMTSO Review of Reviews
  • Educational documents on obtaining and verifying samples

The new documents focus on testing new methodologies of AV-Products and also on how testers may obtain working samples for their tests, which hopefully helps to increase the quality of upcoming anti-malware tests.

For more information about AMTSO, please also have a look at the official website at

Philipp Wolf