Further improvements in AntiVir 9

We already mentioned some of the major improvements in Avira AntiVir 9. What we didn’t cover yet are some of the minor changes which make AntiVir easier to control and to use.

For example our developers overhauled the upload mechanism for suspicious executable files from the quarantine. Up to AntiVir 8, you were needed to enter your email address and your mailserver so the samples could be sent via email. Now you can send us such samples by a simple click – the new implementation uses a so called http upload.

Also, our programmers improved the “kill protection” for AntiVir processes. This prevents malware from forcefully stopping the AntiVir Guard. Furthermore the file protection got enhanced. The gamers among the Avira users will like the new automatic game mode which disables popups from the firewall when AntiVir detects a running game on the computer.

For the more and more popular netbook devices – tiny notebooks with reduced display size and resolution -, we now adopt the size of the AntiVir user interface. Therefor it is now possible to properly control AntiVir even on netbooks.

We also listened to the demands of AntiVir users who didn’t like that the scanner waited for user interaction when it detected malware. A new configuration option will allow to scan the selected paths or devices and show a summary of detected malware at the end. There it is possible to clean up the infections with a single click.

In the summary all these tiny improvements help making AntiVir 9 an even easier to use and more user friendly antivirus solution. You should give it a try when it will be released.

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor