What to do if your site has been hacked by Phishers

APWG has published an advisory document called “What to do if your site has been hacked by Phishers”. This document gives website owners hints for specific actions they can take when they have been notified that their website or webserver has been infiltrated and is used for Phishing. If you are a brand owner, takedown provider, or ISP, feel free to include a link to this document when you communicate with people who have had their sites compromised to host phishing.

If you know any brand owners, takedown providers, or ISPs that might be interested in using this document, please feel free to forward this document to them or notify them of its existence.

Here is the document:

Many thanks to APWG (www.apwg.org) for their continuous fight against this Internet plague.

Sorin Mustaca
Manager International Development