Configuration Profiles in AntiVir 9

The Professional Edition of AntiVir 9 will introduce a new feature which we have called Configuration Profiles. The idea behind this feature is to better support mobile users. Probably you have faced the problem yourself when running an enterprise antivirus: as long as you are located in the company the product should update from a server in the Intranet and (in most cases) the security policy is very restrictive. However, when you are at home or somewhere at a customer or in the hotel, updates should take place from Avira servers and the security policy might be less restrictive: there’s no help desk available but you urgently need to install something etc.

The new Configuration Profiles now offer an effective and flexible way to configure AntiVir Professional according to these needs. The feature allows you to define up to 3 individual configuration sets called a Profile. A Profile includes all AntiVir options. For example you can define different update servers, activate or deactivate mail or web protection (e.g. in the company the user is protected by a gateway, at home or at the customers he’s not protected), etc. This allows an administrator to configure the system according to the individual situation.

Configuration Profiles can be switched automatically by the detected Gateway.

Configuration Profiles can be switched automatically by the detected Gateway.

Each Profile (configuration) can be set active by an automatic rule. A rule can be:

  • Use profile it the current default gateway or the default gateways MAC address matches
  • Use profile if no other rule fits (default rule)
  • Do not use a rule

If a rule is set accordingly AntiVir will automatically switch the configuration options in use depending on the current location of the notebook.

Configuration Profile can be also switched manually (not recommended as most users will ‘forget’ to do so):

Users can select the Configuration Profile manually, too.

Users can select the Configuration Profile manually, too.

Of course Configuration Profiles are also supported by the Avira Management Console for centralized management. The administrator can define the configuration sets and the rules but – obviously – he cannot switch between the Profiles.

We think that this is a somehow complex but useful feature in enterprise environments. Btw, if you do not want to deal with these profiles you can continue working the old way, of course.

Thomas Salomon
Manager Windows Software Development