World of Warcraft Phishing

A new wave of phishing messages targeted at World Of Warcraft players has appeared these days. The messages follow the same pattern: the “From” field is spoofed (trying to make the user believe that the message comes from Blizzard) and the body of the message talks about the user account being under investigation and suspended. The messages also say that all this happened because the user presumably violated the Terms of Service or the Blizzard EULA.

Fig. 1: Phishing mails for World of Warcraft accounts

Fig. 1: This is how the phishing mails for World of Warcraft accounts look like

The user is requested to fill out an online form, to verify that she is the legitimate owner of the account. Of course, the online form is on a fake, rogue website that has no connection with Blizzard whatsoever. (http://battlenet.account-verification.*** This makes it fairly easy to spot that the message is a scam.

The message is well conceived; it starts with “Greetings”, as many legitimate messages from Blizzard do. Unlike many other phishing messages, its content is also grammatically correct and without spelling mistakes. Maybe the phishers finally managed to find someone who can write correctly?

Vlad Dinulescu
Software Engineer (International)

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