VB Conference Day 1

The first day of VB Conference 2009 in Geneva was very interesting in both tracks (Corporate and Technical).

The speakers in the Technical track have shown various techniques to analyze malware at the lowest level, described problems from the past and how they reacted at that time to solve the issue. The question of the day was: Would it have been so bad if the vulnerability wasn’t made public (fixed silently)?


The corporate track was a little less crowded, but still very important questions arose. The most important: Isn’t cybercrime as bad as classical crime? If it is, shouldn’t the classical Police take care of the online fraudsters?

Several speakers pointed out that despite the fact that they are the “good guys”, their companies got sued by fraudsters in order to force them to remove the detection of their software. Avira has had the same problems in the past when the Dialers were detected as well as in the present when the fraud websites are being blocked. In both cases the business model of the fraudsters was damaged and they took the issue in court.

Sorin Mustaca
Manager International Software Development