VB Conference Day 2

VB2009The second day of the VB Conference was also very interesting, so we had to split in order to cover as many as possible presentations. The most interesting presentations, from my point of view, in the Corporate track were those about the need for standardization of malware testing and of how to raise alert levels in case of outbreaks.

In the Technical track were presentations about crowd-sourcing (use human input to solve different problems), threats on Twitter, possibility to create IPhone v3 malware and botnets.

Another hot topic was cloud computing. There were two perspectives shown: From the testers point of view and from the developers side. Fortunately, both sides agree in a central point: In-the-cloud-computing is not the holy grail of the Antivirus and Antispam industry. It helps to fix some of the problems, but it is definitely not the panacea, the solution to all problems.

A very interesting topic for me was was the fact that IEEE decided to get involved in the standardization of malware exchange between specially chosen companies. For this, a group was created inside the IEEE, called ICSG (Industry Connections Security Group). Another category of presentations was about analysis of special malware outbreaks like Koobface and Waledac.

Sorin Mustaca
Manager International Software Development