Twitter removes Spammers

After posting an article about Twitter Spam recently, some people started to follow my Twitter Feed. One of these users was an obvious spammer though which probably tried to distribute malware.

Unfortunately I was too slow in checking what the account was distributing. I can only guess that an account which is called***.Vids (drdtbwcxgaho) (some characters replaced with asterisks) might distribute links to some known fake codecs which are actually malware. Also the avatar of the account was specially chosen to attract the attention to those interested in such matters (this is why I masked it out).


Immediately after I clicked on the account, I’ve seen that Twitter already blocked it, taking my pleasure to report it as spam:


Nice to see that Twitter is not completely unaware of such things. By the way, this account was falling into the spammer-category according to my proposed template in my earlier article about Twitter Spam: Zero followers, following many , only a few tweets. Definitely a spammer!

Sorin Mustaca
Manager International Software Development