Firefox Extension Updates

After updating to Firefox 3.5.6 (latest), some of my extensions were disabled because they do not provide an URL for automatic updates. This feature is not new in Firefox, but why did I get this error right now, after months of usage of this extension?

After doing some research I found a way to control this feature:

  1. Start Firefox
  2. Write in the address bar "about:config"
  3. Click the "I’ll be careful,I promise!" button
  4. Make a variable called extensions.checkUpdateSecurity and set its type to Boolean. Select the value "false" if you want to disable this feature, set it "true" if you want to use the feature.

IMPORTANT: I strongly recommend to set it to "true"

But, in my case, I didn’t even have this variable. Still I got this pop-up.

According to the developer documentation, an update means for Firefox:

Checking the Foxdie extension, Firefox wasn’t able to check whether a newer version is available. And indeed, the install.rdf file for the Foxdie Extensions has no UpdateURL field:

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<RDF:RDF xmlns:em=”;
<RDF:Description RDF:about=”rdf:#$uF6q+”
em:maxVersion=”3.5.*” />
<RDF:Description RDF:about=”urn:mozilla:install-manifest”
em:name=”Foxdie (Blue)”
em:description=”Full pack coming at;
em:creator=”John Locke”
<em:targetApplication RDF:resource=”rdf:#$uF6q+”/>

After upgrading Firefox to 3.5.6, it – as all Mozilla software like Thunderbird, Seamonkey, and so on – performs a check for all Extensions, Addons, Plugins and Themes which are installed in the application. Apparently this extension is missing the specified entry. But there seems to be a bug in Firefox: Even if I was informed by the pop-up about the extension which was deactivated, the extension wasn’t actually touched. I was even able to use it later on.

Sorin Mustaca
Manager International Software Development