Most used spam categories in January

Starting from January we will publish monthly reports about the spam categories which were most often used in the last month. These categories are currently detected by Avira’s AntiSpam engine:

# Name Description
1. OTHER Anything that doesn’t fit the categories below
2. PHISHING Phishing emails
3. LOTTERY Lottery scams
4. NIGERIAN Nigerian Scams
5. JOBS Job related scams
6. MALWARE Malware files transmitted via Email
7. FASHION Replica shoes and clothes
8. WATCH Replica watches
9. SOFTWARE Software sales
10. UNIVERSITY Fake university degrees
11. PHARMACY Meds or online pharmacies
12. CASINO Casino spams
13. STOCK Pump and Dump stock spam
14. LOAN Loan scams
15. COMMERCIALS Commercial which looks like spam
16. OTHER_NON_LATIN Unknown texts written in exotic languages

In January, the most used category was Pharmacy spam accounting for 41% of the total spam seen. In case you don’t know what such an email looks like, here is a screenshot of my personal Spam folder:

The second place is taken by the category Others with 34%, because our category detection is just at the beginning and we still have to categorize a lot of other spam emails. Mails in this category include, but are not limited to:  Delivery status notifications, religious mails, newsletters which are in the gray area, empty mails, malformed mails, mails having a single line of text and no link, notification from various antivirus/antispam products which block the spam emails and so on .

With big distance from the other two categories, the “Watches” category takes the third place with only 6% of the total amount of spam.

Sorin Mustaca
Manager International Software Development