Plenty of Vulnerabilities fixed on Microsoft Patchday

10 Security Bulletins with according updates fixing more than 30 vulnerabilities in several Microsoft products – that is the summary of the June 2010 Microsoft Patchday. 3 Bulletins carry the “critical” flag, which means that the vulnerabilities are exploited easily and lead to system compromise. The critical security holes are within Internet Explorer, the Media-Format framework/runtimes of Windows and also in ActiveX components, of which some get disabled by this update.

Further “important” rated vulnerabilities affect the Windows Kernel (allowing for privilege escalation), Microsoft Office, the OpenType Compact Font Format (CFF) driver, Excel, SharePoint, Internet Information Services (IIS) and the .Net framework.

It is advised to install the updates using the usual mechanisms as soon as possible, as at least the 3 critical vulnerabilities will be most likely exploited very soon by cyber criminals.

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor