August Patchday with plenty Patches

Coming Tuesday will really be a Black Tuesday for administrators. Microsoft announced to release 14 security bulletins – of which 8 cope with critical rated security vulnerabilities within the Windows operating systems, Internet Explorer, MS Office and Silverlight. The other 6 bulletins deal with important vulnerabilities according to Microsoft’s advance notification.

Critical rated vulnerabilities usually allow for remote system compromise without user interaction, for example just by surfing the Internet. This is why administrators and users should prepare to install and roll-out the patches as soon as possible when they are available.

Angela Gunn from Microsoft’s Response Communication team elaborated in a blog post that these 14 security bulletins is a new “high score”, and that they fix 34 vulnerabilities in the company’s products. As usual, further details to the vulnerabilities aren’t available from Microsoft in the advance notification.

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor