Presentation at the Anti-Botnet Initiative

We very often hear about bots and botnets as being the tools used to send billions and billions of spam messages, hosting phishing websites and malware. Being concentrated on developing the technology which detects the malicious software and repairs the computer on which it runs, sometimes we seem to loose focus upon something very important.

Behind every bot is one or more persons – computer users like me and you. Their computer being part of a botnet, these persons are losing money, important documents and sometimes their digital identity. Avira, as provider of the technology behind the Anti-Bot CD rescue system, advises all users to become more proactive against the online threats in Internet.

Do not click on any link you receive either via email or instant messages without expecting it, use only software coming from websites with a good reputation, do not share too much information about yourself. Also, it is easier to prevent your computer to become a part of the botnet than to disinfect your computer afterwards. Always use an Antivirus Software to prevent, and use a Rescue System to disinfect.

See my presentation at the eco event to introduce the Anti-Botnet Initiative: Avira Presentation on the Anti-Botnet Initiative Introduction event

Sorin Mustaca
Data Security Expert