Time for Browser Updates again

This starts to feel like the updates for web browsers get pushed out on a close-to-weekly basis… but then, better safe than sorry, installing them is really a must!

The Mozilla Foundation just released Firefox 3.6.11 which deals with 9 security vulnerabilities. 5 of them are rated critical by the Mozilla developers. This means, that attackers can abuse them to infect the PC usually just by browsing to an infected website.
At Google, the developers didn’t sleep either. Their developers released version 7.0.517.41 of the Chrome web browser which is a version jump from 6 to 7. This release fixes 11 security holes of which 5 are rated highly critical and 1 is critical critical(!).
And then there is a Java update available for some days already to version 6.0.22. The details of security issues fixed within this versions aren’t available yet, but users and administrators should install the updated version if the automatic update mechanism didn’t do that already yet.

To make the PC more secure, we advise to install the updates immediately. This helps to shrink the attack surface for cyber criminals.

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor