Happy Holidays!

Now at the end of the year many people can enjoy some holidays. Usual rituals are giving gifts to the beloved ones. And this year tech items are ranking very high again.

In the past it happened with some of these tech items that they were infected with malware. This affected USB-Sticks, storage cards for digital cameras, with digital photo frames and so on. So be careful when plugging these into the computer!

To be protected, make sure to install the latest updates for the operating system and additional software like the web browsers, Flash Player, PDF Reader and Java. Also, use an up-to-date anti malware solution – protection is also available for free with Avira AntiVir Personal! More thorough protection is now available with a 30 percent rebate for Avira AntiVir Premium which offers additional protection layers with the WebGuard and Avira AntiVir ProActiv.

We hope that everyone can enjoy the holidays in harmony!

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor