Phishing goes international

It is well known that phishing is illegal as well as the fact that fraudsters continue to make money by using phishing attacks.Traditionally, the phishing messages are written in English (sometimes very bad English) and this is why most of the phishing filters are adapted to work best with this language. Because of this, phishers have started to localize their phishing messages. When phishing emails are localized, they have a better chance to catch someone than the ones written only in English. Many people in non-English speaking countries (like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and so on) have been using the same types of cards or financial services (PayPal, Western Union, etc.) for years so they continue to be potential targets.

We started some time ago to monitor phishing in other languages than English because Avira has extended its customer base to other areas inside and outside of Europe. As you can see below, we are monitoring phishing messages written in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Romanian.

We will publish regularly updates on how these localized phishing attempts evolve. Our number one mission is to keep our users safe!

Sorin Mustaca
Data Security Expert