Cartasi Italy under heavy phishing attack

We are currently observing an attack with different phishing emails and websites, targeting the customers of the Italian bank Cartasi.

We have spotted 4 different phishing attacks, 3 of them using the classical technique of faking the target URL (pictures 1-3) and one using social engineering techniques (Picture 4). The last one, is tempting the user to access his/her account in order to receive a 150 EUR fidelity bonus. So that the effect is realistic, the sense of urgency is created by mentioning the email that the account has to be accessed in 48 hours from receiving the email.

All emails we received are being sent from bots around the world, containing also some fake headers.

As usual, we would like to assure our readers that nothing is really free in the Internet and that banks (should) never send emails asking the users to do something that could identify them. The emails are all detected by Avira Antispam as Phishing and all URLs are blocked.

Sorin Mustaca
Data Security Expert