Multilingual Paypal phishing

We don’t see a phishing attack executed simultaneously in two languages every day, but recently saw one in English and French at the same time. This time, the fraudsters didn’t even bother to change anything in the email: The text is translated word by word into French. Also the so called Reference Number is the same. The only difference is the way the link to the phishing site is presented. The French version has a button which redirects to the fake website and the English version is using a spoofed URL.

The email creates pressure upon the victim via some kind of urgency by using classical constructions like “this is the last reminder to log in” and so on. Both emails were sent by bots distributed all over the world.

We would like to remind our readers that no matter how good and credible the email is, you shouldn’t click on the links in it. Users of the Avira products containing AntiSpam and WebGuard are safe : The emails in both languages are detected as Phishing and the URLs are blocked.

Sorin Mustaca
Data Security Expert