Paypal phishing attempts in German

Paypal phishing attempts in English speaking countries are very successful. The fraudsters seem to assume that this success also applies to the German speaking audience and started many phishing campaigns with phishing mails written in German. Unfortunately for them, the emails use very bad German concerning both the terms used and the grammar – most of the time, the message remains meaningless. The translation is probably performed with an automatic translation tool based on an English source.

However, sometimes I have the feeling that they are making fun of the users. In the first screenshot of such an email, at the end of the email it is written: “Bundesland der Prüfung der Konten von Paypal”. Freely translated, this would mean: “The federal province of checking the accounts of Paypal”.

It is clear that international phishing adapted to the German language has still a long way to go to become a “productive business”. However, we are also seeing other phishing attacks which are much better crafted and might fool some users.

No matter how badly or good written these emails are, we want to warn our readers to never click on the links because they might also contain malware.

Sorin Mustaca
Data Security Expert