Avira Standalone Malware Scanner – De-Cleaner

We released a new standalone malware scanner, exclusively for the initiative of the German eco association with support of the BSI called Anti-Botnet Beratungszentrum – a project to fight back against bot infections. With the Avira De-Cleaner it is possible to analyze a PC for malware infection without any installation – no registry keys or drivers get installed; just the files needed for an on-demand scan are downloaded. This has a small drawback though: Deeply scanning for rootkits is only possible with an Avira product already installed on the computer as the drivers will then be used from the installation.

Also the user interface is German only, for now. It also has a feature to copy the files to a USB stick! This is useful if you wish to analyze a computer without network connection, for example. We like this tool very much as it is very handy to check and clean computers very easily and fast without installations for and from malware infections.

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor