The next Browser Update: Safari

Right after the Mozilla Developers and Google released new webbrowser versions to fix plenty of security vulnerabilities, now Apple fixes at least 62 vulnerabilities in the Safari webbrowser 5.0.4. A little late though as the CanSecWest conference is already running in Vancouver – and Safari in Mac OS X now was the first combo to fall victim to successful hacking attempts.

As these are quite obviously critical security updates, users and administrators should install them as soon as possible! The updates are offered via the automatic update, but can be downloaded manually from Apples website, too.

Also, Apple ships iOS 4.3 earlier than previously announced – it was expected later tomorrow. Next to interesting features such as an integrated WiFi Hotspot iOS 4.3 also contains the security fixes in the webbrowser. Thus iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users should connect their devices to their main computer and fire up iTunes to install the most recent iOS version, too!

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor