Lottery scam in German

Our spamtraps are overloaded by a new lottery scam sent as PDF attachment to the spam mails. What initially looked like some kind of exploit for Adobe Reader because of the attached PDF document, proved to be a simple scam. The size of the emails is between 600 and 700 KByte and they all contain the same PDF document. However, we’ve seen various variants of the email text, which usually consists of only a couple of lines. But we’ve seen immediately that it is not just any type of scam, it was a lottery scam written in German and coming from Spain. As can be seen in the subject, it wasn’t completely translated because it contains the word “Won” in a sentence which was intended to be written in German.

The PDF file itself looks interesting and it indeed refers to the same amount of money as has been written in the email. This is not usual in such scams.

Lottery scam written in German we don’t see very often, and never until now a lottery scam as a PDF file. We are not familiar with the telephone numbering system in Spain. It is interesting to see if the telephone number to which the victim should fax the form is a ordinary number or a special service number, possibly with very high rates.

However, the story written in a not really correct language doesn’t convince and we advise our readers to never fall for such stupid scams.

Sorin Mustaca
Data Security Expert