Internet Explorer 9 is out

Microsoft has released the webbrowser Internet Explorer in version 9 – next to more speed it also adds a bit of security as every new IE version does. For example, the new built-in tracking protection helps protecting the privacy when surfing the Internet. The SmartScreen Application Reputation helps to prevent to download and install malicious applications by identifying seldom downloaded applications – this can help identifying server-side polymorphic malware. Of course, the usual SmartScreen feature to identify for example Phishing sites is still included. Also already known are feature like ActiveX filtering and Tab isolation. Security-wise, IE9 is a small step in the right direction, though.

IE9 can be downloaded from Microsofts website in plenty of languages. But there is a catch: The most widespread Windows operating system, Windows XP, is not supported! Only on Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008 IE9 can be installed. Windows XP users can alternatively use the Browser Choice to easily install a different webbrowser which increases security and speed too, like Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor