Spam or Phishing?

We always point out that Phishing is just another form of Spam since the emails are not wanted by anyone. But, what happens if a Spam mail contains a spoofed URL which is redirecting you to a fake website? Isn’t this a regular Phishing mail then?

In my opinion yes, this is Phishing, and this isn’t really new. For years we can see Phishing targeting Amazon and other big web shops. We are simply used to see the brand Rolex in spams advertising fake watches on some obscure websites. This time the spammers went a step further and sent a Phishing email abusing the name of Rolex.

Unfortunately, the website was already down when we tried to analyze it. As usual, we recommend our readers to delete such emails, never visit the advertised websites since they could contain malware as well and never to buy anything from such questionable websites.

Sorin Mustaca
Data Security Expert