Twitter Phishing Mails turn out to be Spam

Our spam traps caught quite some malicious mails which were Twitter themed – not the first time we see “You have 1 unread message from Twitter!” mails.

Fake Twitter Phishing Mail

This immediately does ring the phishing-alarm bell – someone is trying to steal the Twitter login data of our users. While the links in the mail are trying to look like they were leading to the Twitter web site, hovering the mouse over them shows that the real targets are different, unknown servers. These were obviously hacked to serve html pages for the cyber criminals.

All mails we have seen in this run share the same final location: The hacked web sites do nothing but redirect the users’ web browser to a fake Canadian Online Pharmacy which seems to sell pills of certain kind. The cyber criminals show some creativity here at least, it’s funny to see not only Viagra, but also Viagra Professional or Cialis Super Active+ being offered!

Fake Canadian Pharmacy Web Site

As usual we have to warn everyone from buying pills there. They are fake and not the real deal. If they get delivered at all, they can also be dangerous to the health as noone knows what those guys put in these fake products. Also, when buying there, the cyber criminals will continue to send out such spam as they actually do earn money this way.

Users of Avira solutions like Avira Premium Security Suite have been protected from these mails as they are flagged as phishing.

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor