iPhone Update reduces Location Tracking Cache Size

Apple LogoApples’ practice to store the locations of iPhones and iPads in a huge database on the devices and on the connected computers has been a big news in the media recently. A few days later, the company now released the operating system iOS for those devices in version 4.3.3. The only changes are that the size of the location cache has been reduced to only store about a week of the visited locations, the database is deleted when Location Services are turned off and finally the database isn’t synchronized to the computer anymore with iTunes.

This is a step in the right direction – not everyone likes to be tracked over a longer time by strangers. So every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch user with privacy concerns should fetch and install the update immediately.

As Google is in the critics because the Android operating system for smartphones does some similar tracking, it will remain interesting how this privacy matter will develop. Maybe those companies learn that privacy is a new currency in the digital world.

Dirk Knop
Technical Editor