Old email scam in circulation: Microsoft lottery again

It is quite sad to see such a waste of time and so much bandwidth wasted.
Can someone out there believe that Microsoft gives you 350.000 euro in a lottery?
Of course not, but the spammers are sending large amounts of such emails hoping to convince the users that such an unbelievable luck hit them.

The so called “E-Mail” lottery is sponsored by no one other than Bill Gates with help from Intel, Toshiba and Dell but some persons from Spain will be giving you the money. Right…
Leaving the sarcasm aside, here are some tips to easily recognize such scams:
• The email pretends to come from some known authority, company, personality, etc.
• Large amounts of money are mentioned
• Mentioning of the word “lottery”
• Non-natural use of the language, spell and syntax errors
• Usage of special addressing forms like Mr., Dr., Mrs. followed by a name

In our case, the spammers didn’t even bother to check where they sent the email: security@avira.com.
Simply precious… I love my job.

Sorin Mustaca
Data Security Expert