Spring cleaning your computer

We are now close to the end of April and the spring is everywhere. Some people are used to perform a general cleaning of their houses and gardens.


What about your computer? Don’t you plan to do the same? If not, then you should and here are the most important points to consider:

  • Install all available patches for the software you use. Here are some tips how to do this.
  • Uninstall the software you don’t use very often. Here is a tip how to identify which programs you use most: just have a look in the Start->Programs and if you don’t know what a program from that list does, it probably means that you have not used it lately.
  • Remove useless files, registry entries, cookies. Use a tool like CCleaner.
  • Erase old emails (or at least archive them) which you don’t need anymore. Your email program will work much faster.
  • Backup your data. Use either a local backup solution(Synctoy from Microsoft does a good job) or an online backup solution. The best is to use both. In case the solution you’ve chosen doesn’t backup automatically, don’t forget to set up an automatic backup schedule, because you want to have your latest data available, in case something has happened.
  • Install and update your security solution. In case you don’t already use Avira, it is then time to install it and run a full system scan after the installation.
  • In case Avira found malware on your computer, make sure you create a Rescue System and boot from it to scan and clean your system.
  • When did you last change your most used password? Yes, I know that you use only one for all your accounts. Now it is the best time to try to change it to a different one for each account.


For other useful tips related to your computer’s and your digital life’s security check our “Improve your security” series.


Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert