Would you buy security software advertised in a spam?

We received a spam email which advertises protection against Internet threats.

The email comes from “Top Anti Virus Software” , an email address from a domain in India. There are only two links in the email, both pointing to the same URL from India which was used in the From field.

At that address, of course, is only a redirect to a website which appears to be only an index for other websites. The website does nothing else than making queries to … Google. Apparently the spammers are trying to make some money from Google’s Adwords.

The owner of the website is adilizer.com which owns other 5323 domains (yes, over five thousand). A reverse IP shows that 683,772 other sites are hosted on this server.

After reporting this to Google, they apparently deactivated their AdWords ID because there are no results returned anymore.

Never buy anything from websites advertised in spam emails. You are only paying them for their efforts of flooding millions of inboxes with their spam.


Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert