Speed ticket from NY Police via email

No, it is actually a pretty interesting spam email which I received.

The emails pretend to come from New York State ”Department of Motor Vehicles” and informs the recipient that he/she violated the speed limit .

In order to see more details, a form hosted on a website should be accessed.

The interesting part in this email consist in the back-end of the scam.

The website behind the link  contains a piece of JavaScript code which is obfuscated in its ASCII form.

The deobfuscated code looks like in the next picture:

Basically, the browser will be redirected via an invisible IFRAME to a Russian website (which is now offline) and probably tries to download some malware.

All Avira products detect the obfuscated code as ‘JS/iFrame.NV [virus]’.

We advise our readers to never respond to such emails in any way. Speeding tickets come exclusively via regular post and never by email.

Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert