Virus Bulletin Conference 2012 – Day 1

As always, the conference is split into two streams: Corporate and Technical.

For the first time since i started to attend this conference has been really hard for me to choose to which stream to attend.

In the first day of the conference I have attended the corporate stream more, thus the feedback is more about this stream.

John Graham-Cumming showed us in his presentation Internet background radiation  some interesting facts regarding the DDOS happening around the globe, like what is being attacked and by whom, when the attacks happen and when not. For example, there are some breaks in the attacks on certain dates like US Independence day, New Years Eve, and so on.

Righard Zwienenberg, presented the challenges which companies face when they allow their employees to bring their own devices at work: BYOD:(B)rought (Y)our (O)wn (D)estruction?

Vicente Diaz addressed in his paper I am not a number, I am a free man a topic which is actually very in sync with the Avira 2013 release: Browser Tracking. According to Vicente, if we visit a single popular newspaper, we do an average of 11.3 requests to different tracking sites. This is scary on one side, but on the other, we have to see also the potential advantages: you get content based on what you usually want to see. If you don’t want that, then do make use of the new feature integrated in all Avira 2013 products: Browser Tracking Blocker.



For the abstract of all papers that were and will be presented please check the  VB2012 conference programme.

Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert