Virus Bulletin Conference 2012 – Day 2

The second day of the conference was as entertaining and even more educative as the first one.

Tyler Moore and others presented in their paper Measuring the cost of cybercrime an attempt of calculating the costs of cybercrime. This is a very complicated process, if you want to do it right. It turns out, that there are quite a lot of methods to commit cyber crime, of course, in addition to those which first come in your mind: phishing, spam, malware infections, credit card stealing and so on.

Grayson Milbourne and Armando Orozco presented Android malware exposed – an in-depth look at the evolution of Android malware.


They presented  very good advises about how to keep your Android device clean:

– set up policies on the device

– set passwords and not swipe actions

– encrypt confidential data

– set remote wipe and locate

– do backups



For the abstract of all papers that were and will be presented please check the  VB2012 conference programme.


Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert