Avira is now in the Facebook AV Marketplace

Facebook launched six month ago the AV Marketplace and according to the company, they had over 30 million views.

Since Tuesday, 16.10.2012, Avira is also present there with two solutions:

For PC – Avira Free Antivirus and for Mac, Avira Free Mac Security.

Make sure that once you visit the page you search for the Avira solutions. The page renders the products in a random order at each visit.

Additionally to offering the products for free, Avira is taking part also in the Facebook URL Blacklisting System. This system scans trillions of clicks per per day, and before each click, the system consults the databases of all our AV Marketplace partners to make sure the website you are about to visit is safe. This means that whenever you click a link on our site you are protected both by Facebook using Avira’s knowledge and that of other 11 of the industry leaders in computer security.


 Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert