Dear reader, who are you?

One of the problems of the today’s online world is the fact that from far away, people are only just statistics in a dashboard. You don’t know actually who your readers or visitors are, what are their needs, their wishes, their thoughts.

We want to make the Techblog better, so that it suits your needs.

But in order to do that, we  need to know who you are so that we ask you the right questions.

For example, an IT professional might not want probably (hopefully) to see published here articles about how to make a better password, advises to not respond to spam emails and so on . But, if you are not a technology savvy person, these things make sense for you.

So, dear reader, we want to know who you are. That’s why we’ve made a simple survey which takes only a couple a seconds to answer.

Click on the picture below to take survey in English or here in German.


Thank you for participating.


Sorin Mustaca

Product Manager and Data Security Expert