The Experts Market: Avira's new online platform for remote IT support

The Experts Market is Avira’s new online platform which helps computer users to find assistance from knowledgeable IT individuals. This differs from Avira’s support service in going beyond queries relating to Avira products; the Experts Market covers all problems arising from the use of laptops or desktop computers. And unlike Avira’s support service, where assistance is provided by company employees, the Experts Market is open to anyone with solid IT skills who have an interest in offering their services commercially to others.


What are the benefits of being an Avira registered Expert?

The Experts Market will be promoted to a very large audience. As a registered expert, we can potentially expose you to millions of prospective customers worldwide. Moreover, the platform is open to any computer user (Mac, Windows or Linux), whether they are an Avira customer or not. There will therefore be ample opportunities for skilled IT individuals to offer their services for commercial gain.


How do I register on the Experts Market?

Individuals who wish to offer their services on the Experts Market must have strong IT skills. The registration process entails providing contact details and setting up a profile page on the Experts Market, including list of skills and areas of expertise. There are no registration fees, and a license to the remote support software – LogMeIn Rescue – will be provided free of charge. Once a profile is set-up, an online chat functionality, as well as opportunities for email exchanges, will enable experts to communicate with prospective customers.


If you would like to register on the Experts Market, please follow this link: