Avira PC Cleaner – a second opinion scanner

The PC Cleaner is a scanner which can be used in parallel with other anti-malware products. It is created for users of other security products who think that they might have a malware infection which their security solution doesn’t detect. It works on any PC, note- or netbook with operating system Windows XP SP3 and above. It doesn’t require installation or registration and it doesn’t install any drivers.


The best experience is if you  first deactivate the installed security product temporarily. This way the files will not be scanned twice. You should reactivate the security product after all is done.



We recommend that you regularly perform a scan with the PC Cleaner, no matter which security solution you have (unless you are already an Avira user).



This product does not replace an installed security product.

Since it doesn’t install drivers, services and other technologies which integrate deeply with the operating system, it can’t provide the same amount of protection as an installed security product.

The current version is in German only, there are plans to release an English version soon.

You can download this product directly from here. If you want to know more, read on.


How it works

The product copies its files in a temporary directory and starts by downloading the latest version. This happens only on the first execution, later on, only the differences will be updated (a few kilobytes up to a few megabytes).

It will copy on the desktop two icons:

  • Avira PC Cleaner – to start the product
  • Remove Avira PC Cleaner – to remove the PC Cleaner from the disk.




Updating to the latest version is a very important step. If there is no Internet Connection, the product will stop.



Click the button:


If you click the checkbox, it will perform a full system scan. Be aware, that depending on your system, it might take a while to finish.

Wait for the scan to finish:



If it finds no problem, then all is green:


If the product finds some malware, you will see this:


Clicking on the “Details..” gives you the details of the detected malware:


But, we suggest to just delete them all. Click the first button in the picture above with the red text.



You can download this product directly from here.


Sorin Mustaca

IT Security Expert